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At AE Graphics Group we have succeeded in the print industry for more than a century, and we believe that our mission to provide both the best product and service to our customers is the key to our success. AE Graphics Group has weathered The Depression, two World Wars and numerous recessions. Our family-owned, multi-generational company is one of the oldest, continuous operations in Southwestern Ontario.

AE Graphics Group » 2012 Go to top

AE Graphics Group is debuted as the new branding for all print and design related divisions and locations of the business, while AE Media encompasses The Aylmer Express newspaper and several other in-house publications.

Equipment » 2000-2011 Go to top

2002 - The Aylmer Express installs its first 6-colour printing press.

2011 - A new Komori 40" 6-colour printing press is installed at the Woodstock location.

Acquisition » 2000-2011 Go to top

2007 - Toronto's Westminster International providing data management, mailing and fulfillment is added as a new division of the Aylmer Express.

2009 - The Aylmer Express acquires Accell Graphics, a London location offering digital print, large output, bindery and design services.

2010 - Barney Print, in Woodstock, is added to the Aylmer Express print division, AE is now able to print on 40" sheets.

Expansion » 1950-1980 Go to top

1956 - The first of two major relocations, AE moves to a new facility. At this location the major technological change from letterpress to offset printing occurs.

1980 -The Aylmer Express relocates to a larger facility as the fine print division expands, adding first a two-colour, then a 5-colour press. Many formerly manual processes become digital as technology becomes more available and efficient.

Establishment » 1870-1950 Go to top

1873 - J.C. Pankhurst begins publishing a newspaper, Aylmer Paper, in Aylmer, Ontario.

1880 - T.W. Michael purchases Aylmer Paper and renames the publication Aylmer Express.

1947 - Arthur Hueston purchases The Aylmer Express from Tom Barnecott. The son of Henry Hueston, former owner of several daily publications in Southern Ontario-including the Sarnia Observer, Woodstock Sentinel Review, and Galt Reporter- Arthur came to the Aylmer Express with plenty of experience in the newspaper business.

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